There is something so raw and wonderful in wild moments of abandon; whether its dancing your socks off, laughing uncontrollably with friends, playing music magically or whispering something soft and sexy to your partner, getting naked and silly or simply squishing your loved ones into a big bear hug! I love it all!

Having had the privilege to share and capture these moments with people over the years I have learned and truly believe that Beauty is a light that stirs in each and everyone of us. It is a knowing twinkle in your eye, an unexpected burst of laughter, a 'glow' that we all feel when we are happy, free and in the moment.

When I photograph people, its these moments, these sparks of emotion and authenticity that I strive to capture.


I photograph weddings and engangement shoots.

Inspire nudity

I photograph people naked and happy! Giving you the time do something out of the ordinary; to be creative, feel liberated and most importantly have fun!


I particuarly love shooting family and lifestyle sessions! Its all about getting to know you and your stories.


I photograph both live events as well as more personalised photography shoots for bands and artists.

Hello! So a little about me...

I have always had a slightly alternative way of life. I grew up playing in the woods, rivers and fields of beautiful South Devon. Giving me a deep love of the outdoors and the natural beauty we have all around (and within) us. Being Home Educated and going to a small Democratic school gave me a lot of freedom to play and explore, to figure out what was important to me and not just what was expected. After I received a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art in 2008 I went on to win a prestigious photography competition. This encouraged me to take up photography full time and I have never looked back.

So what is important to me?
                                                                                                                                                     Connection - I get so much joy out of using my camera as a tool for communicating and getting to know and understand people. The best photos are always when there is a real genuine connection and trust between the photographer and subject; or a candid moment of intimacy and connection between friends, family or lovers.

Authenticity - means to me capturing something real, something true and genuine, whether that is with a moment or the essence of someones character. It is also about being open and honest, from both a personal point of view as well as within my work and how I apply myself to each project or shoot. 
                                                                                                                                                       Celebration - To celebrate is to enjoy life! It inspires us to dance, to sing, to express ourselves, to throw our arms around one another and to laugh with abandon. To celebrate ourselves and the ones we love unashamedly, joyfully is a beautiful, life affirming thing to do.

Gratitude - (I believe!) Is the key to happiness. It helps us to let go of worries and to truly take the time to appreciate all the joys that life brings. To see the good in all that we are and have around us, liberates us from longing and grounds us with a sense of love and strength. Photography helps remind me to be grateful. To be able to spend my life essentially looking for and capturing the creativity, beauty and love in the world is an amazing gift.