Maya and Felix's Wedding

A year and a day ago was a magical life changing day for me (haha! As I am sure it was for Maya and Felix! ;) ... It was the first time I truly realised I had found a whole new part of my photography adventure that just makes me feel alive and so so blessed and if I could, I would do all the time!!! I had been asked by a beautiful, awe inspiring couple to come along and be part of their incredible wedding day. To capture and help celebrate the joy and love for eachother and the people in their lives (and believe me there was a LOT of love that day!).

Maya and Felix were so wonderful right from the very begining! I had met them a few years earlier at a festival and had happily photographed both felix's band and their incredibly fun workshop (how to channel your inner animal!). Then out of the blue, they contacted me and asked me whether I would photograph their wedding! I was so excited (and a little nervous!) as I had never really thought about doing weddings before... having mostly shot festivals and music events.

Looking back now I still well up thinking about that ridiculously beautiful day! The setting ( was just idilic, everyone there were so full of fun and giggles, so many smiles and dancing and delicous food! It really did feel like a perfect day... but the most amazing part of the day was to just to witness the absolute love between Maya and Felix. The way that they looked at eachother you can see that everything else would just melt away. This day was so special to everyone who took part, there were just so many incredible life affirming moments to capture... from the excitement of maya and felix as they were preparing in the morning (getting ready together rather than apart), their vows to eachother (again written together) just blew me away with such care and love in every word; the way they would always be close by eachother, laughing, dancing, even singing together! Felix's absolutely awesome improvised rap, the histerical speeches, the excellent music, then the partying and dancing late into the night... Throughout it all there was a real sense of people coming together and genuinely appreciating eachother and life! Finally to just make the day that bit more gorgous, Mark (maya's brother) proposed to Tan (who had coincidently caught the bouquet!) and now a year on I am so very excited and happy to say that I have been asked to photograph their wedding too!!!

Thank you so so much Maya and Felix for not only including me in your day, but also giving me the inspiration and support to continue to follow my heart and hopefully be a part of many more extraordinary days such as yours.

Sending you so much love and joy and all the great things that life brings on your very exciting new chapture in life! :D Xxx

Tilly was our wedding photographer & she is so fantastic! Skilled photography that really brings home the essence of this magical day. Tilly has a personal approach that is not only helpful in communicating before & after the day, but her personality is perfect for ensuring everyone is at ease in the photos. We wanted to have pictures that were really honest, showing our friends & family in their natural expressions, remembering their personalities & true beauty.. As well as our own of course! Tilly and her wonderful assistant Hayley did this so brilliantly & we couldn’t ask for more, they were professional, fun & perfect for a perfect day.
The website means we can share our pictures with everyone as well as having a beautifully printed book that tells the story. It was a magic day & Tilly added so much fun, she has been the icing on the cake for our wedding day!
We highly recommend her for any photography project & especially for your wedding, handfasting ceremonies or any family celebrations 💗
Thank you so much!
— Maya and Felix