Kate and Sebastians Wedding Celebration!


Where to even start with this beautiful wedding! I was thrilled when Kate messaged me asking me to photograph her English Wedding Celebration! Kate and Sebastian met each other whilst Kate was travelling around South America with a couple of her best friends (her now bridesmaids!). Sebastian was working in a hostel that they stayed in and then when her friends moved on, Kate decided to stay. Working alongside each other they fell in love and started their lives together. However its not easy being in love with someone on the other side of the world! I first met Kate at a festival where she was selling her beautiful jewellery (www.phatfeathers.com) she told me about Sebastian and how they spent their summers apart whilst she came back to the UK to sell their pieces and he had to stay in Colombia. I remember thinking then that it must take incredible strength, love and determination to be able to keep connected whilst being so far from each other. However, after seeing them together on this beautiful day I can completely see why. They are so genuine in their love; natural and relaxed with each other and with the people lucky enough to be in their lives.

They were technically already married (initially in Columbia with Sebastians family) a year before. Since then they have been applying for residency in Spain so they can live together. With that all completed (woop woop!) they could finally have a 2nd celebration with Kates family and friends in England.

I can not imagine a more romantic and meaningful place for them to have spent this special day than her families gorgeous land (that used to be a strawberry farm!). Married by her uncle under the old oak tree (“like we always imagined when we were growing up as kids” her bridesmaid Lewis acknowledged in her speech). At the end of their vows to each other Kate had a surprise announcement, they’re having a baby! much to the jubilation of everyone!! They truly are going to be awesome parents, I’m so excited for them!

It really couldn’t have been a better day! The sunshine was out, polly tunnels adorned with bunting, people laughed, hugged, shared stories; beautiful flower cakes cut, delicious food eaten, (non/alcoholic) bubbles were drunk, campfires were lit, music and table tennis were played into the night… but it didn’t stop there, in the morning there was even limbo for those that had camped!

Thank you again Kate and Sebastian for inviting me to come along and be a part of this awesome celebration and for being so welcoming and kind! Wishing you both the absolute best for the future and everything that it holds for you together.

I have had a hard time trying to cut down all the photos for this blog as there were so many special touches and moments, and all of them brought together either by friends and family or small local businesses!

The wedding dress and makeup was done by Kate’s very own ultra talented bridesmaid Lewis Barrett - www.instagram.com/lewis.rochie/

Hair done by - www.instagram.com/braidswithoutbordersbwb

The incredible cake was made by Ahhtoots - www.ahhtoots.co.uk

The flowers are by - www.instagram.com/gillsbarrow

Bournetocook did the yummy catering with Gloria Satterfield and her team.

Personalised Crockery (designed by Jamie Gillman, Kates brother) at https://prsc.org.uk/stokescroftchina/


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