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I have a confession...

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"However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will it do if you do not act upon them?" - Buddha quote.

A few years ago now I went to India! As you can imagine it was pretty magical! Whilst I was there I stayed at an Ashram called 'Shanker Prasad foundation' just outside of Gokarna. As part of my Karma Yoga I was to take photos for them; which I did with great pleasure! The centre was beautiful and full of the most wonderful people :) Unfortunately, I got home, I let life tick by and suddenly nearly 2 years later and I still hadnt sent them the photos! Not very good for my karma!

"As you walk, eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise you will miss most of your life" - another buddhist quote.

This last year has been pretty rough in many ways for me. However, it has also shown me just how many people I have supporting and loving me, it has given me a new lust for travel, awareness of how grateful I am for my good health and my work has never been as exciting or more fulfilling! I want to be better and learn everything (Photography, piano, singing, dancing, circus, swimming, table tennis, the list goes on!!). In the last five months I have shot 5 weddings, 6 festivals, danced till my feet hurt, listened to so much music and poetry that made my heart swell, travelled to Spain (3 times!), Portugal, Bulgaria, Sweden (currently still here!) and have made so many new wonderful, inspiring friends! I feel so very lucky in many many ways, and feel stronger than I have in a long time.

So, in the spirit of buddha and living in the moment, when I recently re-discovered the Ashram photos, I immediately sent them and decided to write this blog (another thing that I have been a bit slack with!)...  So now to actually ACTING on all these wise words ;) I will leave you with one final quote and some of the photos from the Ashram.

"The past has already gone, the future is yet not yet here. There is only one moment to live"


Country rambling with little monsters!

Hi there!

So this is my first blog! Im going to keep it fairly simple for today! :D I thought I would start with sharing some photos I took of my beautiful friend Libbles and her two bambino's, Cohen and Marla! I was cat sitting for a friend down in the depths of Devon and Libby and her babes came to do another shoot with me (Part of my 'Super-mumma' project that I will be sharing here soon!) and after much fun and games in the house we thought we would have a little explore outside. Seeing as I still had my 'photographer's head' on (plus I just love photographing little families!) I kept shooting! We made friends with some very friendly horses, splashed about in the estuary and even found some sleepy snails hidden in the walls! It's days like these that make my heart sing and feel so grateful to be able to share these special moments with people; whether they are already my friends, or soon to be friends! :D Xxx

If you would like to book your own little adventure ramble with me, then I would love to hear from you! Simply email me at: