It is the morning before I head off again into the magical world of festival fun! Every summer is such a whirl of dancing, photographing, crazy nights of shenanigans, laughter and friends (new and old)... I always mean to share these moments in my blog, but before I have caught up with one festival another one starts! So although this is a little late (having already shot 2 other festivals, 2 weddings, 5 band/people shoots since this festival!) i figured what does it really matter if it is in order! haha! such a rebel! ;) Its about the photos after all! SO here are a few from the wonderful WOnderfields! Normally when shooting festivals I photograph for a specific venue, but this festival I get to properly explore it all! So much to see, photograph and enjoy! When people (mainly my mum!) ask me why I photograph festivals year after year (especially as there in not much money in it!) I find it hard to really explain how being a part of these events makes my heart swell, gives me hope, a sense of community, a chance to be creative and feel grateful for all the crazy, awesome people that are involved in making it all happen! I hope that these photos go a little way in showing you why I love it so very much! 

Country rambling with little monsters!

Hi there!

So this is my first blog! Im going to keep it fairly simple for today! :D I thought I would start with sharing some photos I took of my beautiful friend Libbles and her two bambino's, Cohen and Marla! I was cat sitting for a friend down in the depths of Devon and Libby and her babes came to do another shoot with me (Part of my 'Super-mumma' project that I will be sharing here soon!) and after much fun and games in the house we thought we would have a little explore outside. Seeing as I still had my 'photographer's head' on (plus I just love photographing little families!) I kept shooting! We made friends with some very friendly horses, splashed about in the estuary and even found some sleepy snails hidden in the walls! It's days like these that make my heart sing and feel so grateful to be able to share these special moments with people; whether they are already my friends, or soon to be friends! :D Xxx

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