It is the morning before I head off again into the magical world of festival fun! Every summer is such a whirl of dancing, photographing, crazy nights of shenanigans, laughter and friends (new and old)... I always mean to share these moments in my blog, but before I have caught up with one festival another one starts! So although this is a little late (having already shot 2 other festivals, 2 weddings, 5 band/people shoots since this festival!) i figured what does it really matter if it is in order! haha! such a rebel! ;) Its about the photos after all! SO here are a few from the wonderful WOnderfields! Normally when shooting festivals I photograph for a specific venue, but this festival I get to properly explore it all! So much to see, photograph and enjoy! When people (mainly my mum!) ask me why I photograph festivals year after year (especially as there in not much money in it!) I find it hard to really explain how being a part of these events makes my heart swell, gives me hope, a sense of community, a chance to be creative and feel grateful for all the crazy, awesome people that are involved in making it all happen! I hope that these photos go a little way in showing you why I love it so very much!