her work is incredible and honestly, you will never have such a fun day in your life!

If you're thinking of doing something like this, I

strongly suggest you go to Tilly!

I'd had a vague idea of doing a 'nudie' shoot for a while -

primarily as a surprise for my partner.

To see if I could and a bit of a push for myself

towards 'loving the skin you're in’ and so on :)

I got pretty put off by my initial research,

it seemed that the only option available in most places

was an overly 'sexy' approach.

I wanted a bit more lightheartedness, and fun!

The minute I found Tilly's website I knew I'd nailed it.

I estimate it takes approximately 10 whole minutes in

Tilly and Hayley's company to forget that you're

naked; just relax and have a great time messing

around (which none of us do enough by the way…

more fun in the world please!)

Tilly is a delight of a person - serious sunshine smile

going on. So full of enthusiasm that you can't help but

catch it and it totally puts you at your ease.

She has a fantastic assistant in Hayley who is also

completely lovely - they are both exactly the sort of

people you want around when you're nervous!

I came away from the day wishing I could do it all

again, and when my photos were ready I was blown

away. I was braced to be a bit disappointed by my not-

model figure laid bare, but instead I fell in love with

with every photo...

It took me forever to choose the final ones for print.

After I'd finally done the (also scary!) part of giving

the gift to my partner - guess what?

Those photos are actually up on my wall. In view!

I don't think it's too much to call the whole experience

a life changing one.... Thank you, both, again!

I have spent the last 7 years photographing people naked and it’s the most life affirming, exciting work I could ever hope to be doing. Everyone I have ever shot has been nervous about not being the ‘perfect’ shape, age etc… Its not very often someone thinks to themselves “you know what! I am **** hot! Im going to find the best photographer I can and get some sexy bare-bottomed photos taken! hell yeah!”… Instead I’m often asked the question… Why would someone do a nude shoot?

I am very lucky for (and continuously inspired by) the many beautiful and poignant stories shared with me. Sometimes it is very deep and personal, sometimes its to mark a special occasion and sometimes its just to have a bit of fun, and it can even be for all of these reasons and more… But I can say from my own experience so far for everyone (including me!) the shoots become a journey, a challenge, a joyful celebration of who they are, a unique experience where the photos are a keepsake of a moment.

Wrinkled knees, squishy bums, wonky boobs, hairy toes, stretched tums. These are all incredibly normal and help to make us unique and beautiful human beings (as well as being a great source of joy and entertainment for some).

The Inspire Nudity shoots are about giving you the time do something out of the ordinary, to have fun, to be creative and to feel liberated… Embracing, celebrating and learning to love our bodies is a powerful way to build strength, confidence and value in ourselves.

So I propose that the real question is in fact “why would you NOT!?”

If there is anything else that you would like to know then please do feel free to contact me, I would love to hear from you...

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“I wanted to do something brave which would help me feel better about the way I look, but also felt like an honest depiction of me, naked but also tongue in cheek and imaginative. I really enjoyed the photoshoot, it felt like the most freeing and fun thing I have done in ages, and if anything it was a really cathartic experience. You don’t get to let go that much as an adult and my afternoon getting wet and sloppy and tipsy and dancing around like a loon, was an amazing treat! Tilly was excellent at making me feel comfortable but also confident at the same time. I am grateful for the experience.
— Ellen
The photos look great :) I have been thinking about them and all those angles and silly faces too..Lol :) I really enjoyed myself that day and I have to say that it was the best experience in my life and I am being serious. The time went ever so quick and my mind was completely drawn in to that room. I will never forget that day...ever.. Thank you..Thank you!
— Steve
I really enjoyed this photoshoot and have never done a shoot like this before. I feel the photos captured true aspects of me and things I like about my body in an artistic way, without compromising my faith in Jesus Christ.
— Cherelle
I really enjoyed myself, just being allowed the space and time to experience my own body.
— Cassie-anne