Kate and Sebastians Wedding Celebration!


Where to even start with this beautiful wedding! I was thrilled when Kate messaged me asking me to photograph her English Wedding Celebration! Kate and Sebastian met each other whilst Kate was travelling around South America with a couple of her best friends (her now bridesmaids!). Sebastian was working in a hostel that they stayed in and then when her friends moved on, Kate decided to stay. Working alongside each other they fell in love and started their lives together. However its not easy being in love with someone on the other side of the world! I first met Kate at a festival where she was selling her beautiful jewellery (www.phatfeathers.com) she told me about Sebastian and how they spent their summers apart whilst she came back to the UK to sell their pieces and he had to stay in Colombia. I remember thinking then that it must take incredible strength, love and determination to be able to keep connected whilst being so far from each other. However, after seeing them together on this beautiful day I can completely see why. They are so genuine in their love; natural and relaxed with each other and with the people lucky enough to be in their lives.

They were technically already married (initially in Columbia with Sebastians family) a year before. Since then they have been applying for residency in Spain so they can live together. With that all completed (woop woop!) they could finally have a 2nd celebration with Kates family and friends in England.

I can not imagine a more romantic and meaningful place for them to have spent this special day than her families gorgeous land (that used to be a strawberry farm!). Married by her uncle under the old oak tree (“like we always imagined when we were growing up as kids” her bridesmaid Lewis acknowledged in her speech). At the end of their vows to each other Kate had a surprise announcement, they’re having a baby! much to the jubilation of everyone!! They truly are going to be awesome parents, I’m so excited for them!

It really couldn’t have been a better day! The sunshine was out, polly tunnels adorned with bunting, people laughed, hugged, shared stories; beautiful flower cakes cut, delicious food eaten, (non/alcoholic) bubbles were drunk, campfires were lit, music and table tennis were played into the night… but it didn’t stop there, in the morning there was even limbo for those that had camped!

Thank you again Kate and Sebastian for inviting me to come along and be a part of this awesome celebration and for being so welcoming and kind! Wishing you both the absolute best for the future and everything that it holds for you together.

I have had a hard time trying to cut down all the photos for this blog as there were so many special touches and moments, and all of them brought together either by friends and family or small local businesses!

The wedding dress and makeup was done by Kate’s very own ultra talented bridesmaid Lewis Barrett - www.instagram.com/lewis.rochie/

Hair done by - www.instagram.com/braidswithoutbordersbwb

The incredible cake was made by Ahhtoots - www.ahhtoots.co.uk

The flowers are by - www.instagram.com/gillsbarrow

Bournetocook did the yummy catering with Gloria Satterfield and her team.

Personalised Crockery (designed by Jamie Gillman, Kates brother) at https://prsc.org.uk/stokescroftchina/


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It is the morning before I head off again into the magical world of festival fun! Every summer is such a whirl of dancing, photographing, crazy nights of shenanigans, laughter and friends (new and old)... I always mean to share these moments in my blog, but before I have caught up with one festival another one starts! So although this is a little late (having already shot 2 other festivals, 2 weddings, 5 band/people shoots since this festival!) i figured what does it really matter if it is in order! haha! such a rebel! ;) Its about the photos after all! SO here are a few from the wonderful WOnderfields! Normally when shooting festivals I photograph for a specific venue, but this festival I get to properly explore it all! So much to see, photograph and enjoy! When people (mainly my mum!) ask me why I photograph festivals year after year (especially as there in not much money in it!) I find it hard to really explain how being a part of these events makes my heart swell, gives me hope, a sense of community, a chance to be creative and feel grateful for all the crazy, awesome people that are involved in making it all happen! I hope that these photos go a little way in showing you why I love it so very much! 

I have a confession...

Ashramlogo (170 of 183).jpg

"However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will it do if you do not act upon them?" - Buddha quote.

A few years ago now I went to India! As you can imagine it was pretty magical! Whilst I was there I stayed at an Ashram called 'Shanker Prasad foundation' just outside of Gokarna. As part of my Karma Yoga I was to take photos for them; which I did with great pleasure! The centre was beautiful and full of the most wonderful people :) Unfortunately, I got home, I let life tick by and suddenly nearly 2 years later and I still hadnt sent them the photos! Not very good for my karma!

"As you walk, eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise you will miss most of your life" - another buddhist quote.

This last year has been pretty rough in many ways for me. However, it has also shown me just how many people I have supporting and loving me, it has given me a new lust for travel, awareness of how grateful I am for my good health and my work has never been as exciting or more fulfilling! I want to be better and learn everything (Photography, piano, singing, dancing, circus, swimming, table tennis, the list goes on!!). In the last five months I have shot 5 weddings, 6 festivals, danced till my feet hurt, listened to so much music and poetry that made my heart swell, travelled to Spain (3 times!), Portugal, Bulgaria, Sweden (currently still here!) and have made so many new wonderful, inspiring friends! I feel so very lucky in many many ways, and feel stronger than I have in a long time.

So, in the spirit of buddha and living in the moment, when I recently re-discovered the Ashram photos, I immediately sent them and decided to write this blog (another thing that I have been a bit slack with!)...  So now to actually ACTING on all these wise words ;) I will leave you with one final quote and some of the photos from the Ashram.

"The past has already gone, the future is yet not yet here. There is only one moment to live"


Maya and Felix's Wedding

A year and a day ago was a magical life changing day for me (haha! As I am sure it was for Maya and Felix! ;) ... It was the first time I truly realised I had found a whole new part of my photography adventure that just makes me feel alive and so so blessed and if I could, I would do all the time!!! I had been asked by a beautiful, awe inspiring couple to come along and be part of their incredible wedding day. To capture and help celebrate the joy and love for eachother and the people in their lives (and believe me there was a LOT of love that day!).

Maya and Felix were so wonderful right from the very begining! I had met them a few years earlier at a festival and had happily photographed both felix's band and their incredibly fun workshop (how to channel your inner animal!). Then out of the blue, they contacted me and asked me whether I would photograph their wedding! I was so excited (and a little nervous!) as I had never really thought about doing weddings before... having mostly shot festivals and music events.

Looking back now I still well up thinking about that ridiculously beautiful day! The setting (www.huntstileorganicfarm.co.uk) was just idilic, everyone there were so full of fun and giggles, so many smiles and dancing and delicous food! It really did feel like a perfect day... but the most amazing part of the day was to just to witness the absolute love between Maya and Felix. The way that they looked at eachother you can see that everything else would just melt away. This day was so special to everyone who took part, there were just so many incredible life affirming moments to capture... from the excitement of maya and felix as they were preparing in the morning (getting ready together rather than apart), their vows to eachother (again written together) just blew me away with such care and love in every word; the way they would always be close by eachother, laughing, dancing, even singing together! Felix's absolutely awesome improvised rap, the histerical speeches, the excellent music, then the partying and dancing late into the night... Throughout it all there was a real sense of people coming together and genuinely appreciating eachother and life! Finally to just make the day that bit more gorgous, Mark (maya's brother) proposed to Tan (who had coincidently caught the bouquet!) and now a year on I am so very excited and happy to say that I have been asked to photograph their wedding too!!!

Thank you so so much Maya and Felix for not only including me in your day, but also giving me the inspiration and support to continue to follow my heart and hopefully be a part of many more extraordinary days such as yours.

Sending you so much love and joy and all the great things that life brings on your very exciting new chapture in life! :D Xxx

Tilly was our wedding photographer & she is so fantastic! Skilled photography that really brings home the essence of this magical day. Tilly has a personal approach that is not only helpful in communicating before & after the day, but her personality is perfect for ensuring everyone is at ease in the photos. We wanted to have pictures that were really honest, showing our friends & family in their natural expressions, remembering their personalities & true beauty.. As well as our own of course! Tilly and her wonderful assistant Hayley did this so brilliantly & we couldn’t ask for more, they were professional, fun & perfect for a perfect day.
The website means we can share our pictures with everyone as well as having a beautifully printed book that tells the story. It was a magic day & Tilly added so much fun, she has been the icing on the cake for our wedding day!
We highly recommend her for any photography project & especially for your wedding, handfasting ceremonies or any family celebrations 💗
Thank you so much!
— Maya and Felix

A little about me (with photos!)

Hello! So a little about me...

I have always had a slightly alternative way of life. I grew up playing in the woods, rivers and fields of beautiful South Devon. Giving me a deep love of the outdoors and the natural beauty we have all around (and within) us. Being Home Educated and going to a small Democratic school gave me a lot of freedom to play and explore, to figure out what was important to me and not just what was expected. After I received a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art in 2008; I went on to win a local photography competition, which encouraged me to take up photography full time and I have never looked back.

So what is important to me?...

I have been thinking a lot recently about what makes me happy and why I love being a photographer... I feel that these are essentially the key things that remind me why I do what I do and the choices that I make. Good things that help me feel strong, grounded and inspired.


Winning Photo for the 'Visit South Devon' competition.


Authenticity - means to me capturing something real, something true and genuine, whether that is with a moment or the essence of someones character. It is also about being open and honest, from both a personal point of view as well as within my work and how I apply myself to each project or shoot.

DSC_4329 1.jpg

Celebration - To celebrate is to enjoy life! It inspires us to dance, to sing, to express ourselves, to throw our arms around one another and to laugh with abandon. To celebrate ourselves and the ones we love unashamedly, joyfully is a beautiful, life affirming thing to do.

DSC_2998 1.jpg

Connection - I get so much joy out of using my camera as a tool for communicating and getting to know and understand people. The best photos are always when there is a real genuine connection and trust between the photographer and subject; or a candid moment of intimacy and connection between friends, family or lovers.

DSC_3443 1.jpg
DSC_4016 1.jpg

Gratitude - (I believe!) Is the key to happiness. It helps us to let go of worries and to truly take the time to appreciate all the joys that life brings. To see the good in all that we are and have around us, liberates us from longing and grounds us with a sense of love and strength. Photography helps remind me to be grateful. To be able to spend my life essentially looking for and capturing the creativity, beauty and love in the world is an amazing gift.


Please do get in touch if you have an enquiries I would love to chat to you about your event, family, life! :D Simply email me at: tillymayphotography@hotmail.com

Country rambling with little monsters!

Hi there!

So this is my first blog! Im going to keep it fairly simple for today! :D I thought I would start with sharing some photos I took of my beautiful friend Libbles and her two bambino's, Cohen and Marla! I was cat sitting for a friend down in the depths of Devon and Libby and her babes came to do another shoot with me (Part of my 'Super-mumma' project that I will be sharing here soon!) and after much fun and games in the house we thought we would have a little explore outside. Seeing as I still had my 'photographer's head' on (plus I just love photographing little families!) I kept shooting! We made friends with some very friendly horses, splashed about in the estuary and even found some sleepy snails hidden in the walls! It's days like these that make my heart sing and feel so grateful to be able to share these special moments with people; whether they are already my friends, or soon to be friends! :D Xxx

If you would like to book your own little adventure ramble with me, then I would love to hear from you! Simply email me at: tillymayphotography@hotmail.com